My Top Ten Gift Ideas For Kayak Fishermen

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Please take note that the following will contain affiliate links.  If you click on the products and purchase, I will receive a small commission.  I only promote items I personally use and have had no personal contact with any of these companies.  I just love using them!

Developing A Top Ten List For Fishermen Was Tough!


I can stand back and look at my fiancé and think “Why on earth would you need that?” Completely absolving myself from the infinite purchases I make feeding an obsession that I’ve had since I was five years old…Thanks a lot grandpa!!!

I have been known to meet someone on my route who wanted to off load their high end bass fishing rods for a “steal” of a thousand dollars (it really was a great deal, I promise!!!) and not bat an eyelash, forking over the money!

We fishermen like our toys and whether we ever admit it or not, want more and more!


Kayak Fishermen Have Different Needs!


Now that I’m two years into my kayak fishing journeys, my bass tournament schedule has been cut by 75%.  I would much rather drive up to a creek or stream I’ve never heard of, grab a handful of Bluegill Bugs and explore the fishing opportunities.

Had you told me three years ago that I would purchase a dry suit to extend my fishing into winter I would’ve thought you were nuts!  But here we are!



How I Organized My Top Ten List For Kayak Fishermen?


I will simplify this for the gift purchaser in mind.  I will not leave you with purchasing an item for that special fisherman, only leaving them to have to purchase a second part to itself. 

Say for instance you want to purchase someone a new fish finder.  If you were to only purchase the graph itself the angler will have to purchase a mount to hook up their transducer too.  I won’t do that too you. 

So after reading the headline and figuring out if it’s within your budget you will know what accessories need to be purchase with it.  If I don’t use a particular item personally I will tell you.  I do a lot of DYI and unless you’re really handy, you will just want to purchase the accessory!

Let’s Dig In!


Fish Finder


Most kayak fishermen don’t start off with fish finders.  We will start off in a kayak that we plan to modify as we go along.  

Fish Finders do help you locate fish but most importantly allow us to see contour lines and structure.  If we’re visiting a new lake the built in GPS will guide us safely around and point us to boat ramps!  I did do an article on my top ten graphs for kayaks but I personally use the humminbird helix 5 and absolutely love it!  Coming in around $300.00 it is affordable, durable, and assists me now every time I’m out on the water.

If purchasing this item you will need a mount for the graph along with a way to get the transducer to stay steady in the water.  The Scotty #141 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm with Gear-Head allows the transducer to its job conveniently.

The recommended mount is the final piece to the puzzle.  According to reviews the best pairing is the Scotty Fishing 0368 Scotty Fishfinder Mount , Black , Original version

* Please note* I do not own either the mount or transducer arm at this time.  I built my own but if and when it fails I will likely buy these items due to them being engineered for this exact thing!



Rod Holders


It’s hard to have enough rod holders!  I have four and have found times where I have to lay my rod and reel combo down in a vulnerable position where it could break or fall into the water!

Rod holders are not relatively expensive but bring in a lot of convenience!

We have four kayaks and two of them have the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II w/TracLoader SidePort – 2 Pack.

They are easy to install and free your hands up when you’re ready to stop and eat your lunch!


Dry Box


Leave it to Shelby to purchase items that I scratch my head at in the beginning but now never leave home without.  We have 2 of the MTM Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring so that We can keep our Go Pro’s, phones, and batteries safe and dry!  They easily tuck in under a seat or in a small storage locker for extra security.  They are inexpensive and worth their weight in gold!!!



Rod & Reel Combo With Line


I’ve done a couple of articles on best Rod and best Reel Combos.  To save you from having to read it, I can speak for myself when I say that an underspin combo with a high durable rod is my number one go to!

At this time my favorite rod is the G. Loomis IMX-PRO 802S JWR Spinning Rod paired with Lew’s Custom Inshore Speed Spin.

When it comes to line I love Seagur as it combines smooth casting, invisibility underwater, and durability.  If the Angler you have in mind is a pan fisherman (bluegill & crappie) you should need no more than 6lbs. test line.  If a bass fisherman, these combos are popular with finesse fishermen who generally will use 8lbs. test.



Winter Wear


The next big wave to hit kayak fishermen will be winter fishing!  I myself have become addicted to it and have went all in!  Advances in science paired with with more market competition has lead to lower prices and better quality gear.

I own all the items below and they work well in cool weather!  I’ve yet to experience the harsh winter and will update if I need to add additional items!

Gloves-  Carhartt Men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove, Black, XL

Boots- Scubapro Dry Suit Boot – Black,2XL

Head Gear- AstroAI Ski Mask Windproof Balaclava for Cold Weather, Winter Face Mask Breathable Stretchable for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding, Full Protection Mask for Men/Women Grey

Under clothing- Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Armour Compression Mock Long-Sleeve T-Shirt and for the pants Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Compression Leggings

Dry Suit- *Please note that the size of the angler is very important when choosing a dry suit* Dry Suits for Men in Cold Water, Paddling,Kayaking,Waterproof



Personal Flotation Device


Everyone needs a life jacket!  Most anglers understand the importance of staying above water when unexpected events occur.  The most common reason they aren’t worn while kayaking is because they don’t provide much comfortability.

I myself am guilty of this but have decided to purchase the

NRS Vapor Kayak Lifejacket (PFD) based off the incredible reviews focusing on comfort!

If I come to a point after using it that I don’t enjoy it I will change brands and let you know but for now no need!





Making the jump from no battery to battery is like jumping from a land line to a cell phone…The possibilities are endless!!  With the advent of lithium batteries that are light weight, us kayak fishermen are able to easily transport them and they take up little space!  I purchased a high end one years ago that’s warranty will last another eight years so I won’t be in the market for one for quite awhile.

Doesn’t mean I don’t shop around incase Shelby wants one 😉

If I was going to purchase one for her I would definitely get the

ECO-WORTHY 12V 20Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery.

It has all the power needed for a full day on the water!





I’m guilty of not always wearing my Costa’s which help protect the eyes from UV and baits coming back at you after a missed hook set!  These particular glasses are great for gaining underwater visibility, helping a kayak angler navigate unfamiliar waterways and avoiding underwater obstructions!

I own Costa Fantail 6S9006 Rectangle Sunglasses for Men.





I ordered the Best Marine Kayak Anchor with 40ft Rope. Premium 3.5lb Folding Anchor Accessories for Fishing Kayaks to prevent strong winds from pushing me off of my honey holes.  It’s easily portable and folds up taking up less room.  This is a great gift idea for any kayak fisherman!



Fishing Lures


What would a fishing wish list be without fishing lures!?  Fishing anglers are comparable to women in a shoe store.  We want at least 2 pair in every size, shape and color there is!  I’m guilty as could be, just ask my soon to be wife!

When shopping for the right baits to bye first find out what kind of fish the angler prefers to fish for.  I will categorize it into 3 parts…


  1. Crappie Fishermen
  2. Bluegill Fishermen
  3. Bass Fishermen


Crappie fishing from a kayak is a ton of fun and while it may make up the lesser of the the three it is still a huge market and growing by each warm season that comes!

Crappie fishermen will need two parts to their lure arsenal… Jigs and Jig heads.  On our home page we have several of offerings in different shapes, sizes, and colors.  We will continue to add to the site was we grow!  


Bluegill fishing is my number one by far!  I can’t think of anything better than floating along in a shaded creek catching these little pan fish!  For that there is one bait and one bait only…The Shelton’s Phyllis Bluegill Bug!  It will catch fish practically everywhere in the United States and beyond!


Bass fishing is likely the largest market out there, and while we do not sell bass fishing lures at this time, I have plenty of great reference points within the site that you can look at.  




Kayak fishing is only going to grow from here.  I believe there will come a day when the amount of small hand powered vessels will match beautiful bass boats one to one.

We have accessory lists just as long as others and with innovation coming along I can’t wait to see what comes out in the near future.  For now though if you’re looking for a great gift idea, look above… I’m sure the person receiving the gift will be quite pleased and only wishing they were fishing!

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