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Review of the Quantum Optix OP10F



I was ready to hit the water for some white bass fishing today when I just remembered  that my old trusted Shimano spin cast reel was lifted by someone without my permission.  Let’s just hope the bearings were finally about to go out on it it after all these years of reliable use.  I wasn’t about to let this ruin my day, but I was lacking money and needed to come up with a cheap version to get me by until I knew what I wanted to replace old faithful with.  It was too late in the day to go scour the yard sales to pick up the absolute best deal and I needed to run to my bait shop to grab a few Rooster Tails for the day. 

When I entered I saw several reels on display and pointed to one that wasn’t quite a micro and asked the shop keeper if I could hold it.  As he pulled it out of the glass case he told me that he really enjoyed using them and that he fished with two of them himself.  After checking the reverse stop and giving it several test cranks to check for smoothness I was more than satisfied and asked the price.  To my surprise he said $23.99!  Huh?  I didn’t know you could still get anything that works for under 30.00???  Ok I thought well since I’m right here at the lake if it breaks I’ll return it immediately and just get my cash back.  I lined up a healthy amount of 6lbs test Mono to get me going.

As I got down to my first starting spot I threw my first cast and it veered viciously off to the right.  “Darn I thought”, perhaps it was just that first cast and the line stuck.  Another cast…same result.  It was at this moment I took a line from the classic golf film “Tin Cup” which stated “why don’t you aim to the left partner”.  On my third cast I watched as my bait flew a mile out to its destination with a small line twist coming out of it in the process (BINGO!).  After the line sat tightly to the reel I was able to launch this little bad boy anywhere I needed and at incredible distances.  I fished for over 2 hours without one issue (and unfortunately only 2 fish) and was more than satisfied with my purchase. 

Now I have no sponsorship through Quantum or any other reels at the time of this writing and I will be sure to update this post if and when something goes wrong with the reel but for now when you factor in price, brand name, and quality I think it’s a valuable pick up with the price being the overwhelming factor.  If you purchase it through my Amazon Associate link here or click the image above you get it even cheaper.  None of your prime benefits will be negatively affected and I plan to do a continuing review of the reel in a couple of months unless I am disappointed with it before then.  At which time I’ll give it a negative rating.