Best Ways To Fish From A Pontoon Boat

Can You Catch Fish By Fishing From A Pontoon Boat?


Of course, you can!  If you prefer to relax when fishing, then a pontoon boat might be your best bet.

Now there are limitations to your success which I’m going to help you with down below, but I’d say fishing from a pontoon boat has to be the most comfortable way to fish there is!

You can drop anchor, set out some lines and lay back on one of the comfortable bench seats while steaks are cooking on the grill.  Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a great day out on the water!  

We will discuss how pontoon boats provide one of the best fishing experiences for certain fish species


Why Would Someone Purchase A Pontoon Boat For Fishing?


Married men will understand this one, so I’ll answer this for the under 25 crowd.  Marriage involves a lot of give and take as in, a man wants to be out on the water and so does a woman.  He wants to fish; she wants to relax… enter the pontoon boat!

With the costs of fishing being so high now a pontoon boat is becoming a more attractive option for people who just want to get out and enjoy the water.  Fishermen can still take advantage of fishing off of the same pontoon.


What Fish Should You Target When Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


You can catch just about any fish but for me the two species I would target the most are either Bluegill/Bream or Catfish.  

The reason for this is these boats aren’t made to troll up and down shallow banks where fishermen can try to ambush bass, and the shadow casted by a large boat like a pontoon scares off fish which can prevent you from vertical jigging for crappie.


Bluegill Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


Bluegills are still really catchable from a pontoon boat.  They travel in large schools and like to hang out close to the shore.  This enables a pontoon boat that wants to fish the ability to drift out twenty yards or so and drop anchor in high percentage areas.

Fishing for bluegill is a lot of pauses and wait so you can sit down while fishing for them on one of those extremely comfortable seats.


Catfish Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


Fishermen who love fishing for catfish should have no problems whatsoever on compromising with their significant other on purchasing a pontoon boat.  There’s plenty of room for guests, sunbathing, food, and several rods hanging off the side of the boat waiting for channel catfish to latch on!

You can jug, use trotlines, or install deck mounted rod holders to have a whole line of poles out ready to catch the fish!


  • Jug Fishing From A Pontoon Boat
  • Trot Line Fishing From A Pontoon Boat
  • Rod & Reel Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


Jug Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


Got a spotlight and some old plastic jugs?  Heck ya, let’s go jugging!  

Jugging for catfish is a great past time.  Most fishermen start late in the evening’s when there’s still daylight so that they can get completely set up.  

Finding a nice calm bay where you can easily keep track of your jugs even as night falls and kicking back, drinking an adult beverage enjoying the stars!


Trotline Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


Running trot lines for channel catfish is a ton of work but makes for great anticipation when you go to check them!

A pontoon boat makes running trotlines much easier as you have room to bait and run the lines in the without being elbow to elbow.  Tubs of bait can sit off to the side on the front deck while you check each hook and reattach any bait if necessary! 


Rod and Reel Fishing From A Pontoon Boat


Here is where a lot of fun can be had with some rod holders or old fashion cinder blocks!  Check your local laws before you try this as we’re only allowed two poles on my home waters.

If you have enough people with you, you can literally surround your boat with lines out covering multiple depths enabling you to present yourself to more channel catfish!




If you’re in the market for a new boat and aren’t into competitive fishing, consider purchasing a pontoon boat as it may be your best option after all.  They really help in ensuring a relaxing experience out on the water!

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