Rend Lake Kayak Fishing Trips

Kayak Fishing on Rend Lake

Come Experience the Thrill of Kayak Fishing on Rend Lake With Our Licensed Guided Tours!

Kayaking has become a very popular way to traverse waterways, explore hard to reach areas of lakes, and a relaxing hobby that promotes exercise while clearing the mind of anxiety and stress. Throw fishing in and you’ve got the best of all worlds!

Whether you’re a seasoned captain aboard these small vessels or curious about whether or not you’d feel comfortable in them, book a trip with me and we will get you comfortable navigating waves along with maneuvering while catching fish for a 4-hour fishing trip. You’ll learn fishing techniques that you’ve probably never experienced and perhaps walk away anxious to get your very own kayak to fish from your home waters!

I offer guided fishing trips in the morning (7:00AM – 11:00AM) or the afternoon (3:00PM – 7:00PM) and will take up to 2 guests. When you arrive to a pre-determined weather safe area of the lake, you’ll find your kayak already waiting for you and ready to board. We will set sail ONLY after you feel comfortable enough to do so. You will be required to wear a life jacket to satisfy insurance regulations.

Kayak Guided Fishing Trips In Southern Illinois

My kayaks have been rated to hold over 300lbs, but maneuverability can become far more limited.For most trips we use sit on top versions with pedal drives but sit inside can be requested if you fear tipping (which rarely occurs).

A $25 deposit is required to reserve a kayak and will be forfeited due to cancellations except for cancellations due to weather. I will keep in constant contact with you leading up to your trip and will have a meeting spot that will keep us in safer areas of the lake avoiding larger waves and boat traffic.

What to Bring?

Fishing License which can be purchased here

Sunscreen if you burn easily

Appropriate clothing which given the time of the year can be wide ranging. I do recommend wearing a swimsuit under your clothes in case you were to tip overboard though it rarely happens. You will have to get into the water in most cases to get in and out of your kayak.

What I Will Bring During Your Kayak Fishing Trip

I will provide you with rods and reels, tackle, lifejackets along with drinks and snacks. We will take a break about midway in to stretch your legs if you wish.

If you don’t feel comfortable removing the fish, I will come over immediately to release it for you so don’t be afraid. Also, we won’t be keeping any of the fish on these trips but I’m happy to take any pictures of you and your catches free of charge. Tips are always appreciated but NEVER expected!

If you’ve ever wondered if kayak fishing or just kayaking in general is for you, book now! I have coming up on 10 years of experience and would love to show you why its such a growing hobby! See you on the water!


A 4 hour session is $100 per Guest which includes everything stated above.

Please fill in the form separately for each guest when booking!

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