About Us

G.W Gass is the Founder of the “GassFishingStore”.  One of my absolute favorite things to do is to fish with small market bait companies which are usually geographically located and popular around a local lake.  These are baits you tend to find in the local bait shops that you cannot find anywhere else.  I’ve found bringing these lures to different lakes help in catching fish behind people since the lures have never been seen before.  As a bonus my site helps small market companies who dream of getting their baits in front of us anglers on a larger scale!

I promise to find the best, most unique baits I can around the country so that we don’t have to settle for just the larger name brands!

If you own a small bait company and are interested in getting your baits in front of people don’t hesitate to contact me through the “contact page”.  I’d love to talk with you!

Best Wishes!