The Best Artificial Bluegill Lures That Catch Fish!

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Artificial Lures Catch Bluegill, But Which Ones Are Best?


I love bluegill fishing!  How much better can life be sitting on a shore or in a kayak catching bream, sometimes as quickly as you can throw your bait back in?  If you like to eat fish, then you’re really in luck!  They taste amazing!

The only thing I can think of that is frustrating is the fact that you often trade a bite for a bait.  Meaning for every fish that you compete against; you’re likely going to lose your bait due to live bait not being durable.

Now I love using live bait to catch bluegill and I love searching for my own live bait, but sometimes you run out before you catch enough fish for that fry.

It’s time to learn about artificial lures that catch bluegill!


Artificial Bluegill Baits Have Been Around For A Very Long Time And They Catch Fish!


Starting with the beetle spin, micro baits have been used to fool large bluegill, shellcracker, and other sunfish into giving themselves up. 

I can remember a mayfly hatch one June around the West Frankfort City Lake fishing with one of my best friends.  His uncle had brought us some ice jigs to try out under a clear float and we proceeded to fill two five-gallon buckets full of panfish!

We all know that crappie can be caught using artificial jigs.

But now it’s time to list the top Bluegill baits that really catch fish!

Let’s dive in.


My List Of The Best Artificial Lures To Catch Bluegill


This is not a ranking of artificial bluegill lures by effectiveness but more like a description of them.  All of them work really well at certain times of the year.

I enjoy using medium to micro light gear to catch my bluegill.


5.) Bettle Spin

The bait that started it all!  Beetle bugs were brought into the market decades ago.  They were designed to mimic a small larva like a wax worm.  They worked so well that soon companies started adding colors and even played with the design by splitting the ends.

Bass fishermen took the bait and added a spinner to it and crushed them with it!  If you got to peak into an old-timer’s tackle box, there’s a good chance you’d find a beetle spin or two in there as it was one of the best artificial lures for bluegill. 


4.) Ice Jigs

Ice jigs come in more colors and sizes than you could imagine.  In wintertime they’re the best artificial lure available to catch cold water bluegill.  Angler’s up north will often times tip their ice jigs with a wax worm to increase their fish catches.  

There are several different bluegill rigs that can be used to attach the ice jig to.  One of my favorites is to hang a clear float above it by about a foot and keep the bait close to the surface by dragging it quickly! 

This technique really shines on hot summer days!


3.) Flies


This shouldn’t come as a surprise; flies are incredible artificial baits that really catch the bluegill!  I see some anglers who get a thrill out of using a fly rod as if they’re out after trout but instead they catch bluegill off the surface!  

For me, I personally like fishing them just like I do my ice jigs, just under the surface being drug behind by a clear float.  These work the best for me up against a rip rap bank where bluegill are in and out of the rocks trying to find a snack.


2.) Poppers


Bluegill poppers are one of the most exciting artificial baits available to catch big fish!  Fly fishermen have used them for that summer bite when the bluegill suspend just under the surface.

If you’re good with a fly rod, just cast out and pop the line as you slowly retrieve.  The wake made on the surface will resemble a struggling bug and will drive the fish crazy!



1.) Spider Style


I loved using this style of artificial bait for bluegill so much that I bought a company that featured them!  They are large enough to make the bigger bluegill come after them, and they also draw in a lot of attention with the water they disturb.

You can fish them on bottom with a drop shot rig or hang them inches under a bobber!  They come in many colors and work on every single lake, stream, and creek!  Our preference is obviously our staple Phyllis Bluegill Bug!




If you’re looking to bluegill fishing with artificial baits, then you’re in luck!  Companies do market several styles geared toward traditional anglers who love going out to catch a mess of panfish.

Understand that your bites won’t be as common as with live bait but once you get good at imitating nature through your retrieves, you’ll experience a lot of success!

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