Where To Fish In Franklin County Illinois If You’re Disabled

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Where To Find Lake Access Points For Disabled Anglers To Fish


Franklin County in Illinois has over a half of a dozen public lakes including the second largest in the state!  Being dissected in half by Interstate 57, you can hop off at anyone of the four exits and within minutes be pulling up to a lake to fish.  The best part of this is that all of these lakes listed have easy access points to accommodate fishermen with disabilities!


We will take a look at some good accessible places to fish for people with a disability in Franklin County, Illinois.  Let’s get started!


West Frankfort Old City Lake For Disabled Fishermen


“The Old Lake” as we call it, sits less than nine miles east of Interstate 57 and the city of West Frankfort.  You will pull into a well-kept former campground and be able to drive right up to the lake making it a great place to fish if you have disabilities!

The water’s banks sit right up against the parking spots and have little to no grade making it safe for wheelchairs.  Catfishing here has always been a great past time and the West Frankfort Old Lake has some of the best bluegill fishing anywhere!

On your way over you’ll pass by several convenience stores for snacks, ice, or anything else you might need!


Benton City Lake For Disabled Fishermen


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Benton lake is actually closest to the Sesser exit off of Interstate 57.  there is a nice winding driveway that takes you to the boat ramp.  Right before you get to that ramp sits a nice little carved out area for bank fishermen where you can park!  If the water isn’t flowing over the spillway, it could also be considered a great spot for someone to fish with a disability.

Benton City Lake has a ton of little bluegill and crappie to catch so if you hit it just right, action will be swift!


Christopher City Reservoir For Disabled Fishermen


Like the Old Lake in West Frankfort, Christopher City Lake has plenty of parking and sits right up against the lake.  There is a nice little area carved out next to the boat ramp.  I’ve had great luck catching crappie when fishing Christopher Reservoir!

The easiest way to find the lake if you’re coming off of interstate 57 is to get off at the Benton exit and head west.  You will eventually come to Christopher.  Once you pass through the four way stop sign, you’ll see a dollar general store, turn north onto Coello Hill Road.  Last, take a left at Switch Back Road and you’ll see the lake on your right!


Buckner City Lake


Before you visit Christopher Lake, you may want to stop off at Lake Buckner in Buckner Illinois.  This little lake sits off of N Mine Rd. and features excellent fishing opportunities.  Bluegill, bass, and catfish populate the lake in good numbers and great size!

An old gravel boat ramp makes a great spot for someone with special needs to fish!  


Rend Lake Provides Excellent Fishing Opportunities For Folks With Disabilities. 


Illinoi’s second largest lake has plenty of handicap accessibility for fishermen!  Rend lake also has a ton of great fish species to catch in it!

Starting with “The Wall” which sits at the south end of Wayne Fitzgerald just south of 154.   Probably the most popular fishing spot for bank fisherman in the area and for good reason!  Many days of the year huge limits of crappie are brought home by fishing directly down below thanks to conservation efforts, where structure is constantly sunk.

Catfish are caught here in the spring and summer, and bluegill move in and out every day. 

You can pull your vehicle up within a couple of feet of your fishing spot and there is a guard rail to provide extra security! 

Ina boat ramp also provides a nice little area for safe access for fishermen with disabilities.  The old dock posts hold all kinds of fish depending on the time of year you fish.


Inconclusion, Franklin County Illinois Is A Great Place To Fish If you’re Disabled!


Regardless of which lake you consider fishing, know that there are a lot of great spots for all fishermen to enjoy regardless of limitations due to a disability.  Finding those spots has just gotten a little bit easier. 

Please just remember to check your local laws as often times disabled fishermen are able to be exempt from parking fees, licenses, and other amenities!

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