Crappie Tacos With Apple Slaw On Corn Tortilla Recipe

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Our gold medal winner in the Gass household, these tacos will replace any traditional taco you get at the store!

I remembered every Friday in Carmi Illinois The Taco Stand would feature their famous fish tacos.  While these were the best up to that point I knew we could improve by adding fresh fish and a slaw to the mix.

It took four weeks of measuring, adjusting, and then measuring some more before we felt like we had hit the lottery.  

We typically have Taco Tuesday around our house every week and this recipe is always featured.  It became so popular with my family that I had to start catching more crappie so that we could feed everyone.  Bummer right 🙂 ?

This recipe is perfect because the prep time will be finished once your heat has been brought up to the correct temperature saving you time!

*First Thing Is First!  Cut your fillets into half inch strips*

thinly cutting crappie fillets
Cutting your crappie fillet’s thinly will provide a crispier crunch when biting into these delicious tacos!









Taco Shells

*We love yellow corn shells!


Fish Breading Ingredients (T=Tablespoon t=teaspoon)


Fish Taco Batter, Fish Taco Breading, Crappie breading, Crappie batter
These simple ingredients will make the perfect fish tacos! Don’t forget to cut your crappie or bluegill into thin long strips!

1/2 cup cornstarch 

1 cup flour

1 t garlic powder

2t Blackened seasoning

1t Salt

1t Black pepper


Marinade (T=Tablespoon t=teaspoon)

2T lemon juice

2T olive oil

3T blackened seasoning


Apple Slaw

1/2 cabbage-sliced thin to preference for slaw

1-2 carrots shredded

1/2 diced red onion

1 green or tart apple of choice sliced into thin matchstick type slices

2T agave/honey

1T lime juice

2T-3T EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

salt/pepper to taste


Start off with your apple slaw. It can be made a few hours ahead of time or a few minutes. The longer it sits, the more the flavors will melt together.

Toss all your veggies and apple together in a large bowl. Whisk your honey, lime juice, EVOO and a little salt and pepper in a separate bowl until well combined.

Pour over your slaw and mix her up! Taste test and adjust to preference. 


Heat an inch or two of your preferred frying oil in a large skillet. 

Toss all your breading ingredients into a bowl together and mix em’ up.

Take your thinly sliced fish and coat with the mixture. Once the oil is hot enough (sprinkle in some flour and see if it sizzles or dip a corner of fish in) place them in and let em’ sizzle! After a few minutes they will be getting brown.

Rotate the pieces and cook the other side to equal color. Remove onto a paper towel lined plate.

Cook up your taco shells now. We love the yellow corn shells with these. They can be flash fried in a skillet of oil. My preferred method is to spray each side with olive oil and place them in the oven on a sheet pan. Cook until pliable and remove before it becomes too crispy. 

Now assemble! Put your slaw and fish in a taco shell. They are also good with shredded cheese.



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