Italian Crappie Caesar Fish Salad Recipe

Crappie Caesar Salad, Fish Caesar Salad, Best Fish Caesar Salad

Nothing beats the crunch of a cold summer Caesar salad. Topping it off with the perfect fried fish, you’ve got a meal fit for a king!

Late summer usually means long hot days, mowing, fishing, and garden grown salads, so why not combine a couple of them?

We absolutely love this dish and in place of chicken, we substitute fresh caught and thinly cut crappie fillets.  The more items you can pull out of your garden the fresher it will taste!

Between the romaine, croutons, and crappie, each and every bite should have that perfect crunch!

This is a simple recipe that takes no more than 30 minutes from start to plate so lets dive in.

Heat your favorite vegetable oil about an inch deep in a pan.  While heating take your crappie fillets and cut them length ways, no more than a half inch thick.  Next is the breading…

Ingredients for the breading:

Ingredients for Crappie Salad, Ingredients for Italian Fried Crappie, Crappie Caesar Salad

Italian Bread Crumbs (1 Cup)

Flour   (1/2 Cup)

Salt  (1 tsp)

Pepper (1 ttsp)

Garlic Salt (1 tsp)

Italian Seasoning (1 tsp)

Lemon Pepper Seasoning (1 tsp)



By now your grease should be hot and ready to have your crappie dropped in.  Simply roll the fillets that should’ve been toweled off into the bowl once that batter has been combined and stirred.  It does not have to be too thick.

Depending on your own personal taste leave the fillets in until they reach a golden brown, though we prefer a darker color to add to the crunch!


For our Caesar salads we use

Romaine Lettuce

Garden Picked Cherry Tomatoes

Red Onion


Grated Parmesan

Light Caesar Dressing 

We hope you love this family recipe as much as we do! Enjoy!!!



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