Why Kayak Fishing Might Be The Best Way To Fish!

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You can’t help but notice the increase in the small manpowered vessels around the lake.

Kayak Fishing Is Here To Stay!


It was June of 2020 and I remember fishing a bass tournament.  My soon to be wife’s birthday had passed and for that special occasion her father purchased her a Pelican kayak.  To be honest I thought it was likely going to be a bust since she had only recently started showing some interest in fishing.  She told me that morning on my way to meet up with my partner that she was going to take out her new kayak and chase some bluegill.  I was skeptical…

Fast forward to weigh in time and I saw her driving through the parking lot with the yak on top of her Ford Escape.  I met her halfway and could tell immediately by the red skin along the short lines and tank top that she had made good on her word.  All she talked about was how amazing it was, though only catching a  few fish, it was like a water picnic.  After a week of persistence she was able to convince me to borrow her fathers so that we could go together.

On the fateful day we got to the lake, unloaded the kayaks, and attached the rod holders to the bow.  After loading some drinks and snacks we threw our tackle inside a compartment and began dragging them about 60 yards down the the water’s edge which was a breeze due to their light weight. The only difficulty I found was gaining my balance when I first sat down into the hull which quickly dissolved as I pushed out across the bay. 

We threw out some Phyllis Bluegill Bugs and caught plenty of bluegill along with a couple of nice channel cats and I found myself really enjoying the peace and quiet.  The mere fact that you could get right over the top of the fish in just a couple of feet of water was attractive too!  The kayaks would glide with little effort and I was able to row a hundred yards without much effort…Ok I’ll admit I was wrong, and now was hooked, and soon to be obsessed!


My New Obsession With Kayak Fishing


sit in kayak vs. sit above kayak, fishing from a kayak
While I enjoyed fishing in a “sit inside” kayak, the sit above is my preferred means of fishing!

After that day, every chance we got we would go to a local lake to catch panfish.  The simplicity and affordability allowed us to go more often than when I had a bass boat.  On days she had to work I would throw her father’s into the back of my truck and take off for a lake I had never fished before which I blog about regularly.

In 2021 I was able to upgrade going from the sit in and paddle type to the sit above with a pedal drive which is kind of like going from a two man boat to a fully rigged Ranger!

Having the ability to pedal a kayak like a bicycle freeing up both hands to fish has definitely lead to more fish catches.


Why Kayaks Might Be the New Best Way To Fish


Kayaks have several distinct advantages over traditional boat and shore fishermen.  They require little to no maintenance so long as you keep them covered.  They are one of the easiest way to approach fish without spooking them. Most importantly to me is their portability allowing you remote access to hard to get to fishing spots.

My days of spending thousands of dollars to chase bass only to release them a few hours later are drawing down.  I do think I will fish occasional tournaments for the rest of my life but I’d much rather be on a small reservoir chasing big bluegill and crappie!


The Options Are Endless With Kayaks


I’ve seen some really tricked out yaks since I started paying attention.  Anglers are attaching strip LED lights, fish finders, livewells, and even finding ways to spider rig!  Kayak tournaments are picking up steam while the traditional tournaments are bleeding entrants.  

My favorite addition to my kayak thus far is my homemade rod holders which I use for trolling.  It’s an incredible exercise routine that involves casting a rod out on each side, then back peddling pulling jigs across schools of fish. I never get skunked fishing this way!

I did a review on the best fish finders for kayaks and went with the Helix 5.  


Kayaks Require Much Less Money To Operate


Take into consideration fuel, Insurance, and state & licensing fees it’s easy to see why kayaks are so popular nowadays.  I would spend more money in a boat in one month then I could an entire year with my kayak.

In most states, boats require insurance and water craft stickers.  Got a trailer? Guess what, often times you’ll need a trailer sticker!  At this time these fees are typically waived, though knowing government, that won’t last forever.

With gas prices fluctuating so much it’s nice to know that this isn’t even a variable making a kayak an extremely economical investment.


Kayaks Hold Their Value

Today’s kayaks are made of specific chemicals and resins that are made to last.  The hull makes up the majority of the cost and as long as you take good care of them you won’t have to worry about it falling apart.  Outside of that your costs could be small maintenance (new screws, washers, and other hardware) or you might have to buy a new propeller for you pedal drive if you hit something.

catching fish from a kayak, why fish out of a kayak, is fishing out of a kayak easy?
without the noise of a trolling motor, it’s much easier to hover over fish and catch them!

I have no plans to sell any of our 4 but I’m certain I could recoup most of the upfront cost I incurred in an emergency situation!



Fishing and catching a mess of fish out of a kayak is something that’s hard to describe.  You get to access waterways that you wouldn’t normally get to fish which means less boat traffic.  There’s something special about using your own energy to get yourself to the fish by either rowing or pedaling.  It’s also one of the best exercises you’ll experience.  If you ever see me out and about and you want to try out kayaking for the first time, flag me over!  I’ll be glad to let you take it for a spin.

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