Cottonmouth Lures Fuzzy Tail Jig 4pk


Black/Blue Fuzzytail Jig

  • 39 Colors to Choose from!

  • Action packed Jigs!

  • Limited Supply Available so get them while they last!

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Cottonmouth is a legendary Crappie Company that had an incredible run throughout the 90s.  They were found at fishing shows nationwide and were always a top draw!

Fred (owner) always brought a fish tank with him and made the famous “100.00 bet”.  If you can hold this jig still in a large aquarium, he would hand you 100.00 bill.  Fred never paid out one dime! 🙂  Ask anyone who has used this brand of lures and you may hear “I remember those!” or “Are they still around”?!?! As long as I can get them I will continue to sell them but the inventory is finite so get them while you can!

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Green/Green, Purple/Purple, Clear Glitter/Blue, Chart. Glitter/Chart., Orange/Orange, Red Glitter/Chart., Silk Chart./Green, Glow/Pink, Clear Glitter/Chart., Clear Glitter/White, Glow/White, Yellow/Black, Silk Chart./Red, Chart. Glitter/Green, Motor Oil/Red, Pearl/Green, Black/Blue, Red Pearl/Red, Pearl/Chart., Brown/White, Clear Glitter/Red, Black/Chart., Chart. Glitter/White, Pink/Pink, Brown/Chart., Yellow/Yellow, Silk Chart./Pink, Green/White, Pearl/Blue, Motor Oil/Chart., Orange/Chart., Clear Glitter/Pink, White/White, Purple/White, Silk Chart./Chart., Black/Black, Smoke Glitter/White, Silk Chart./White, Clear Glitter/Purple, Pink/Chart., Black/Pink, Yellow/Chart.


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