Muddy Water Jigs


Muddywater Jigs

  • 12 Jigs Per Pack!

  • Very Durable Solid Body Jigs!

  • 30 Colors to Choose From!

  • Save even more when you buy in bulk!

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Muddywater Jigs

Muddy Water Baits sports a bulky, durable, and heavily garlic scented crappie jig in 30 colors!  These are a go to for pros on the professional crappie circuit and have produced myself some really large slabs.  The strangest story I’ve had while fishing with them is when there was an 8″ thick sheet of ice on Rend lake.  Two anglers fishing around me did the normal ice jig tipped with wax worm, or the minnow presentation.  After a full day of fishing I only saw 2 keeper crappie pulled in (one by each) yet I was able to sack my 6 over 10 inches with the big muddy water jig in “June Bug”.  It was a really tough day and the fish just had to have something large and worth while I suppose!

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Black/Chart., Black/Glow, Black/Pink, Black/Yellow, Blue/Pearl, Blue/Disco, Blue/Ice, Blue/Milk, Blue/Platinum & Pearl, Bluegrass, Brown/Glow, Chart./Ice, 4th of July, Green/Milk, Gum Drop, June Bug, Orange Glow, Outlaw, Electric Chicken, Pink Lemon, Platinum, Purple/Pearl, Red/Chart., Red Copper, Smokes, Watermelon, White/Chart., Yellow/Chart., Platinum Glow, Glow


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